My Story

-My Nickname is Bella.
-I am a mom, wife, sister, daughter, Aunt, Friend.
-I am originally from California, but I call Georgia Home.
-I married my Knight in Shining Armor four years ago which now hangs as retired ACU's Uniform of the US Army.
-So there's this Prince. His Name is Mackenzie and he is 16 Years old. Then there is this Princess named Jeanette Skylar. Skylar is 13 years old. My youngest prince is named William and he is 6.
-So there's this Knight who rescued his Lady. We got married 2/5/07. . He's got two great kids Alex and James.
-We shouldn't leave out our  other babies. Our Furbabies Tinker Bell, Mittens, Peanut, Sydney, Peeta and Cocoa
-My Interests include...My Mommy Support Groups (ask about them), Paint Shop Pro (PSP), My Meetup Group for the Military Wives in my Area.
-I have been doing graphics for 15 years. Digital as well as Hand Crafting & Scrapbooking. I am into my 6th Year of that.
-I love Animals. I would love to work in a Zoo. 
-I love to shop just ask my Husband. 30 minutes into a trip he is brain dead. Unless it has to do with his two other loves books or movies. 
-I love shoes and purses. I blame my last employer for making me obsessive. 
-I could also fill the worlds closets with clothes for my Prince & Princess. We can never have enough for our babies Right? Ask me about my resale page!
-I can never have enough of shoes or purses either.
-My Favorite season is Fall.
-I am a computer junkie, facebook Junkie, Youtube junkie, blogger junkie, siggy piggy, Netflix addict, & Mommy Group Whore.
-My Creations Library
-But I like to be Sales and Flea Markets. I love to go camping, swimming, The ocean is mystical, Visting new places but I get home sick easy.
-I am a poet. I love to blog. I love to write, read, listen to music.. .it inspires me. I love movies, Grey's Anatomy, Army Wives on Lifetime, The OC, Reality TV, . I love Castle, NCIS, and House!
-A car can be my worst enemy yet another one of my loves. 
-I am an organized mess. I have poor time management. I am kinda sloppy. My writing shows it. Yet I love to be organized.
-I am Happy. Yet I have PTSD. I am chaotic and goofy. Proud to be different,
-I am a good Listener. I am a Great Friend. If your honest with me I will be your -Friend for Life.
-Read My Blog, Leave me Comments. Make Me Smile.
-Always say what you think, it never leaves people a question on your position!
-I loves you .. completely and absolutely and always ..

Hi I am a writer. Its been my natural gift for many years to write. I write anything. At first I started with poems, then songs, then plays, Now I love to just sit and blog. It could be fun, random, or really hard to take in. I am a mom, a step mom, a proud Army veterans Wife (ret.) army mom, a sister, a daughter, a lover, a best friend, a child of god. These are my thoughts, my words, my feelings. The crazy mishaps of my second life. Why second life? Because I feel like the old me was left in the past... left when I moved out of Georgia... left when I became an Army Wife. I may not have sworn to protect our country but I swore to protect his heart. I also accepted the challenge of having two more children (just add water!) then came a 5th child as a redeployment present!
I left my old life behind, buried most of my demons, learned from my mistakes... now I stumble into a second life. At least I have you to catch my fall and God to help me learn from my mistakes.

Blogging here since June 2007

**Snapshots of my Second Life**

  1. I don't want to right now but eventually I want to stop drinking Soda.
  2. Be a Good Christian
  3. Be a Good Mother and Wife
  4. Be a good friend
  5. Be healthy and as fit as I can be.
  6. Help Provide for my family
  7. Be honest

Dreams don't die. Priorities change....
Since I was young I dreamed I wanted to work as a veterinarian in a zoo. I wanted to be a zoologist. I look up to people like Jack Hanna and Steve Irwin. I believe in Genesis God puts humans on Earth to look after animals and that is what I want to do. My grandfather was a farmer and I helped care for some of the animals on the farm. I will never forget those times, those memories, that feeling. 

If I can't be Jack Hanna... I will try my best to help people. I seem to do it anyways. I am always looking for a way to help others and pay it forward. I think I want a degree in Social Work. 

I have a dream of being a Foster Mother to animals or humans.