American Girl Wish List

Bella's ISO's aka Wish List **Note we aren't currently in the market for a whole lot this is our ISOs and wish list. Skylar's "want" doll list will be GOTY 2014 Isabelle & JLY #24 (Blonde Hair, Brown Eyes, No Bangs, Freckles) and possibly Julie and #21 I want to customize a Marie Grace for her I just need a fairly inexpensive MG to do it with My "want" doll list is Kirsten (PC MINT/EUC in original braids) and Rebecca. TLC PC Felicity or a Felicity Replacement :( Green Eyed or Blue Eyed TLC doll to make into a boy :) My List Molly & Emily Molly all her items except her Red Pajamas & Robe, Christmas Dress, Purse, Hanky... *I need her slippers* Emily All her items except her Meet and Christmas Dress Aviator pants (is there a hat?) Red Cross Doll Book set Molly's white dickie Kaya books Felicity (PC) & Elizabeth Meet Shoes Traveling Dress Christmas Dresses (either) Felicity's baby and carriage Felicitys Accessories books Samantha & Nellie Samantha's Stereoscope Her doll Accessories I have the hat **wish for the Sleigh (or is it Felicity's?) Rebecca Doll All her items except the hanukkah menorah and the Movie Premiere dress Addy Addy Needlework Kit & Lamp Retired (but I can't ever spend the $100 on it LOL) Caroline Calf Josephine chicken JLY Items AG curlers Wooden Stand or White Square stand Flapper Dress Irish Dance Dress* should also go under Samantha Talent Show Hanukkah Outfit (96-99) Gala Party Outfit Merry and Bright Dress suitable boy clothes Cat Costume Skateboard Outfit II Extra Skateboard to customize :) Mini Dolls and Lumina Room Boxes Nikki's Gala Outfit Saige Hot Air Balloon Non AG Items Custom AG Hunger Games, Star Wars, Phantom of the Opera, & Titanic items OG Scotty Dog Laptop and bag ACU (Army Combat Uniform) Christmas clothes for myy AG boys Denim Molly's Playground Hippy or Native American Inspired Shirt Dress (Like the one Amy Johnson had on her custom) High top Converse Rockabilly/Hippy/Goth/Punk ** wishes Kirsten, Isabelle, Rebecca, Caroline, & Marie Grace to customize, & #44 (Is there a JLY with Redish hair and freckles?) *Would love to trade my MIB Samantha (west german tan bodied) for a MIB Kirsten (PC only) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Skylar's List Lindsey Gloves Kanani any items McKenna McKenna's Accessories We only have the doll and she loves it all but again out of our realistic budget LOL Saige accessories Sparkle Dress Saige's Pajamas for Doll Item# F2193 Saige's Necklace for Girls Item# F9882 Saige's Wrap Bracelet for Girls Item# F9920 Saige's Sweater Outfit Item# F2217 Saige's Painting Set Item# F2231 Saige's Parade Hat & Helmet Item# F2210 Saige's Tunic Outfit Isabelle Isabelle's Dance Case Isabelle's Kitten Isabelle's Accessories Isabelle's Legwarmers Set for Dolls Isabelle's Sparkly Skort Isabelle's Funky Leggings Isabelle's Dance Skirt ' Isabelle's Practice Top Isabelle's Purple Leotard Isabelle's Wrap Sweater Isabelle's Rosette Leotard Isabelle's Performance Set Isabelle's Metallic Dress Isabelle's Pajamas Isabelle's Coral Sweater Mini doll Molly & Emily Molly’s Schoolbag Set $28 or less Item# F5433 Molly’s 1944 Swimsuit $34 or less Item# F1762 Molly's Dog Molly's Floral Pjs $24 or less Molly's Red Slippers Molly’s Party Dress $28 or less Molly’s Tap Outfit $32 or less Molly’s Skating Outfit $28 or less Emily’s Accessories $24 or less Molly’s Skates & Muffs $22 or less Emily Mini Doll $24 or less Addy Addy's PC Meet Outfit (Mattel would work) Addy's Christmas Dress Addy's Patriotic Dress Ida Bean Addy’s Birthday Outfit Kit & Ruthie Kit's Accessories (buffalo nickle, necklace, hankerchief) Scooter Dress Marie Grace and Cecile Marie Grace Party Dress Samantha and Nellie Nellie's accessories Kaya Kaya's Accessories plus the list below Fringed belt Moccasins Hair shells Leather hairties Pow-Wow Dress of Today (blue) Item# T6704 Pow-Wow Dress of Today I (White) Julie Julie's Summer Skirt Set Item# T6698 Julie's Swim Set Item# F1979 Rebecca School outfit Caroline Caroline's Winter Coat & Cap Item# F1364 Caroline's Ice Skating Set Item# F1378 Bitty Twins ( for two girls one boy unless otherwise noted) Aqua Argyle (boy and 1 girl meet outfits) Bitty Twins Holiday Outfits Royality Outfits Camo Pants Outfit Camo Jumper Outfit Kitty Outfit Kitty Lovie Holiday Dots Dress Holiday Dots Skirt Set Festive Plaid Outfits Winter Wonder Dress Winter Play Outfit Winter Stripes Outfit Winter Flowers Dress Bitty Chocolate Cherry Coat and Hat Bitty Chocolate Cherry Cardigan and Skirt Set Plaid and Denim Meets (boy and 1 girl) JLY Items Hair Pieces and Glasses the green shirt from -american girl artist outfit Tropical Bloom Starry Doll Holder Polar Bear PJ Collection for Dolls & Girls Item# F6604 Guitar Set Item# F4740 Great Outdoors Tent Item# W0914 Hiking Outfit for Dolls + Charm Item# W0906 Hiking Accessories Item# W0908 Skates & Gear Item# F3442 Tankini & Sarong for Dolls + Charm Item# W0922 Mermaid costume Campus Cheer Gear + Charm Item# V6035 School Backpack Set Item# F5289 Curly Ponytail Bright Highlights Sugar & Spice Baking Set Item# F1732 School Days Outfit for Dolls + Charm Item# F5261 2-in-1 Ice Skating Set + Charm Item# F1729 Gymnastics Set Item# F7732 Volleyball Set for Dolls + Charm Item# F0749 Dreamy Bedding Item# W0573 Sleepover Accessories Item# W0585 Cozy Sleepover Bag for Dolls Item# W0575 Storage Tower Item# G2230 Molly's Locket,

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