Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Picture Days and Poor Choices

   Everybody can look back at their school pictures and see the crazy hair or the crazy outfits we either picked out ourselves or our mothers sewed us into.. Today serves as a reminder as school pictures never really go away they just remind us of bad choices in our lives LOL
   Today is school picture day at the middle school. So I put William on the bus dressed for his crazy sock day... I come inside to get a picture of Skylar in whatever cute outfit she picked out for picture day. See we made an agreement years ago that for the fall pictures (ie Yearbook pictures) she dresses into whatever interests her that year.. Ie William will have a Roblox or Minecraft shirt she would wear the band tee of her choice or whatever that way 20 years down the road you look through your year book and see oh I was into One Direction when I was in 6th grade what was I thinking. So yes she picks out her own clothes for picture day. I think the thought is a good idea. Well I walk in the house she has on a red plaid flannel shirt, a skeleton tank top (first year I let her wear tanks to school) the skeleton tank top looks like a human skeleton pasted onto the tank its black, rayon and shiny. Like the shoulders down to the hipbones and then blue denim Avril Lavigne jeans so they are blue with black rock embellishments on them. I don't take a step in the house and say oh child your wearing that for picture day? Ie the just rolled out of bed look. She's like what's wrong with it? I said its PICTURE DAY. You want your year book photo to look like that? She's like what my tank top is exactly three finger widths like they ask plus I have the flannel on. I said well you can start off by MATCHING... Rick's like your going to give her a complex.. This is the guy that has blue shorts with black palm trees he wears with EVERYTHING... I said I told you not to rub off on my child! She's still defending her choices. I said Skylar my dear this is the best outfit in your closet? This is your FAVORITE outfit? She said yes... of what I could find.. *SMH* I can't even post the picture of her because its that bad. She says Chelle Chelle picked this out for me! I said no I buy your clothes. I usually pick out your clothes from Rocket City Consignment (my work) with no help from you and you wear what I buy so obviously I get your taste and I am not going to put you in a lacy girlie whatever. I said I am NOT buying your school pictures (maybe I will as an example of her poor choices in life LOL) and when we have family picture day **I** will chose your clothes. She began to object LOL
She claims these were my bad fashion choices for her and never lets me live it down. Honestly the Gymboree outfit I bought one identical to fit a doll so it will live on forever :P 
a family member took their make-a-wish trip to Mexico and brought her back this dress. She insists it looks like a clown

She's always whined about this twirl skirt yet she dressers her BROTHER in it.. Where's the justice in that? She liked PINK and ZEBRA's I think that's pretty well a perfect match LOL

This is her least favorite outfit she brings up about once a month how cringe worthy it is. YES I LOVED gymboree.  Yes I bought it in two different sizes and yes she wore it for two picture days..

Is it as bad as she claims?

and yes I bought a handmade version for her doll so I can be reminded of how much I loved that line from Gymboree LOL
Yes I have been known to matching you and your brother in silly Christmas Jammies and I made of made a request or two that you wear them for your Santa pictures.

I might buy them again this year just to prove I am the mean mother who dresses you funny
Now good fashion choices 
an adorable outfit she wore just on a random day. It was black skinny jeans with holes. a black and gray top with a tank under it. She was stunning and looked like a model. Mama doesn't do so bad clothes shopping child.. Next picture day I will go buy you something from the thrift store..

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