Sunday, April 17, 2016



In a world that casts me out
You're my gravity
In a world that wants to cast a spell
You're my gravity
The world that lies and has false realities 
You're my gravity

When I feel worthless
You're my gravity
ground zero for my emotions
You can get me to focus
anchoring me down
you ground me
You're my gravity

The moments in which I want to get away
You're my gravity
When my spirit is on the run,
you know how to pull me in
You're my gravity
My heart is shattered and my soul is broken
you show me that its not
You're my gravity

The times when I am floating away,
you anchor me into reality
You're my gravity
When my heart is wanting to fly away to cloud 9
You're my gravity
Our story isn't a fairy tale it might be a nightmare
but you're my gravity
You love me, you hate me, you hold me up, you break me down
You're my gravity

Even when I push you away you only pull me close
Its only over when its over
you're everything I don't know I need
you break me down just to build me up,
because this isn't who I am
I want to try again
because your everything I need, 
yet nothing I can handle
We will rise again
yet you're my gravity.