Saturday, September 12, 2015

we vowed to never forget

Yesterday we vowed to ‪#‎neverforget‬ but today after the aftermath... after the anniversary of the aftermath lets never forget the aftermath of what our greatest heroes are left with. Our heroes that were first responders... normal civilians, dogs, FDNY, Port Authority, Military, NYPD... they are left with battle scares and wounds. For the military PTSD is a stigma but with the Firefighters its a BIGGER stigma many are not only left physically disabled from the asbestos but mentally disabled from the PTSD of losing their brotherhood. I hope we never forget the people that we lost. I hope we never forget the mistakes that we as a country made (so we don't do them again), I hope we never forget the bond we had that it didn't matter what color our skin was, our religion, our sexual preference, or where we live or social class. We were American and the American Flag which has always stood for United it really meant it the days after the attack on our soil. Lets never forget to be kind to someone fighting some kind of battle you know nothing about. This picture of Melissa Joan Hart took of the One World Trade center is stunning

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