Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Whiskers on Wednesday

My kitties are also little piggies.
I got baby Peeta I am pretty sure he was born at the Shelter then as soon as he was old enough to wean he was transferred to the vet clinic where I picked him up as soon as he was stable. He had a cold from the shelter. I know there are some pets that really do have eating disorders you know where they don't know where their next meal is coming from. But Peeta my fat black kitten has no excuse he's always crying and looking pitiful. I free feed my cats which means I have two bowls of dry food that are available to all 6 of the cats all day long. My husband splits two cans of cat food between three cats once in the morning and then treats. I walk into the kitchen and there is a cat begging like a dog for a treats. Especially if Cocoa is inside the cat can eat and sleep like no other. Peeta just constantly wants attention like any other male baby (haha). Well Cocoa is usually picky about treats and he is a very spoiled Siamese but we are trying a new one to help with their dental hygiene. They are called Greenies....
Well the old version of treats had Catnip flavor.. but these.. ohmigoodness Peeta ate some and immediately had a reaction. Being hyper and darting around looking into space. So funny! 

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