Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Polar Express

Last night William and Skylar's school had a Polar Express party... Skylar checked out of school yesterday and didn't feel good so she didn't go. We were told to wear our Pajamas and that cookies and Cocoa would be given out (Of COURSE!) William doesn't do movies so well and I won't say he sat through the whole movie but he did STAY through the whole movie. Which is major for us. I am crossing my fingers he can see Star Wars next year.

I have seen Polar Express many times but this time I am much more impressed and it had deeper meaning. Perhaps its because its getting close to time for Skylar to have her own journey on the Polar Express I don't know. I have loved the book the movie is based on all of my life along with Good Night Moon and Where the Wild Things Are... I even cried a few times during the movie... The magic of Christmas has changed for me over the years too.. I have had to adapt to new magic and creating magic for myself. Nothing will ever be like it used to be. I wasn't like Billy (in the movie) but I had what I thought was a Norman Rockwell upbringing. It wasn't picture perfect but even the family feuds were at a cease fire for just the two months, we all got along, wishes were granted, and even strangers came to dinner. So it was very much like a Norman Rockwell upbringing. My first Christmas away from my family was hard enough because my grandfather had just passed so it was my first year not seeing my cousins, grandparents, and my mother.. my mother was alone. I had to spend Christmas with my In Laws far away from my family and it was a disaster constant fighting and arguing... it was night and day compared to my Christmas's where even the Guardian and my birth mom would get along for the better of Christmas spirit. Anyways enough on the negative reflection.. Just thought the movie had a deeper meaning for me... now Rick and I feel like we need to decide between the Polar Express in North Carolina and the Polar Limited/ Chattanooga Choo Choo for next Christmas... Its time for us... its time..

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