Friday, December 5, 2014

Snow reminds me of...

Snow reminds me of why I don't live up north and endure more snow. I have very bad Osteo-Arthritis and my Fibromyalgia doesn't like cold weather either. I always said if my husband got stationed in Alaska during the winter months I would own a parka and stay indoors good thing its dark half of the time up there no one would miss me haha. If I lived up north I would be a total snow bird... see you in the Summer haha dang its hard to do that with kids isn't it?

Honestly though when snow blankets everything some of our winters it reminds me of renewal.. Everything for a moment looks quiet and beautiful. Its a time of reflection and renewal because it looks so clean even just for a short time... then eventually all the bad and dirt will be washed away ready for Spring's rebirth.

What does snow remind you of?

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