Saturday, December 6, 2014

Saturday, December 6, 2014 St Nicholas Day!

Its St Nicholas Day! Surprisingly it isn't very popular here in the states wouldn't most American's want to spoil their children ridiculously? My Guardian's mother is from Germany and her father is from Norway so I grew up with some extra special cultural traditions that they passed down. Some I have found on my own in order to share the German and Norwegian cultures with my kiddos since they are no longer around. 

St Nicholas would leave children often coins and oranges in their shoes so for St Nicholas Day Barnaby and Merry (Our Elves) brought stockings from St Nick.. Filled with their ornament for the year, some school supplies, chocolate, chapstick, and a craft... Skylar hasn't yet come down this morning to see Barnaby and Merry after she was asking about them so much.

I hope you all have a Happy St Nicholas day and be sure to share his story with your kiddos.

Snow blew in their door from the North Pole.. its magic snow it doesn't melt ;)

They left the kids new stockings. Skylar decorated herself with 1D and William's has Mickey Mouse

Ooh they got new clothes.. Merry is sporting her Georgia Bulldog Sweater dress and Barnaby has his aviator jacket on. Did Santa let him drive the sleigh? Or has he been doing reindeer training?

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