Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I guess I can't complain I have a pretty cool daughter

I have always called Skylar my clone.. its funny how she is named after a virtual stranger... yet she is my clone. I did want to name her Bella (which is my nickname) but I was out voted. Skylar was my second idea for a name. 

Here is both of us at 3 years old or so... If I show someone the picture of me they think its Skylar. Skylar has never worn glasses. She didn't inherit my family's lazy eye.
However she has been my clone since conception and making a surprising entrance... When I was born I was born with extra toes and webbed fingers a lot of birth defects. When she was born she was breech and stuck and came a month early weighing 5 lbs 8 oz. She's been a force of life ever since. 

She has my strength and stubbornness for sure. She's messy and emotional like me. She is so much like me in some ways that we butt heads because I don't know how to reach her.
She has similar struggles as I did in school and I don't want her to grow up something fierce.. Afraid of life. I know one thing will be different. I will be there for every bump and bruise unlike my mothers. As she has become a teenager she has shown interest in a certain boy band or two.. No they aren't the same ones I adored at her age. She is showing interest in other music too.. rock music... Nirvana, Beatles, My Chemical Romance, Oasis, Eminem, Rolling Stones, and Evanescence I did like in my younger days. I adored Nirvana... Unlike most generations we actually mesh pretty well about music.. Maybe I am just a cool mom :)

We don't even have to fight about clothes too often.. I often find her stealing mine. 

So yeah I can't complain about my tween yet.. she's pretty cool.

I love you Skylar Ann! 

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