Friday, December 5, 2014

Fragment Friday and Fill In..

Update on the family: Rick is working on getting a new contract from the DOD with his job.. Another year or more on at NG is great we look forward to it so pray he gets the contract negotiated. Its always stressful same time every year to know whether or not you will have a job following... James is still waiting to get approved for SSI we had a nice talk yesterday we hadn't talked in about two years like that. Its almost like old James. He still seems to struggle with depression, frustration, and just not understanding the world at large. Skylar is struggling with school but pulling in good grades. William is doing better by leaps and bounds always surprising us with a new fascination- this week corn bread- who knew?
Highs and Lows this week... Lows I am still not done decorating one tree and keep tweaking a second tree. Kids aren't feeling tip top and my best friends father passed away she can't afford the funeral and I can't be there by her side as I promised. #sucks... Highs as I said I talked to James I mean we were basically just chit chatting but it was something. I have been selling off some of the extra stuff I don't need which is nice. 
The statements:
  1. Sometimes I think I talk too much is that why I ended up blogging?
  2. Do you love Home and Garden TV  as much as I do?
  3. Black Friday shouldn't be on Thursday. I don't mind shopping on Thanksgiving if I want to go out I can but I think Black Friday should be Black Friday... It also shouldn't end at 11 o'clock like Kohls did this year. 
  4. Having my husband close is my favorite thing about long holiday weekends

Half-Past Kissin' Time
Feeling Beachie


Rory Bore said...

Ha - I never thought of blogging as just overflow from my talking habit. :)
And I definitely like Home and Garden TV!!! I get the magazine every season before I start my spring garden too. It's scary how many home improvement shows and gardening makeovers I can watch.

Bella Armyknightslady said...

Rory thanks for the comment! I am afraid to buy a house now after all the Buying and Selling, Love it or List it, Property Brothers, Holmes on Homes.. I've watched LOL

Tami said...

I don't like Black Friday beginning on Thursday and I really don't think Christmas stuff should be out before Thanksgiving too.

Hilary said...

I agree with you about black friday… I feel bad for all the people who can't celebrate the holiday with their families….

Jennifer Farwell said...

So agree about Black Friday! And I think you're ahead of me with the trees... haven't even started to put one up yet! :)