Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Christmas gift my children requested....that I don't want to buy.

I know what the experts say.. they say our kids these days are too tuned into electronics and screen time is bad for them.. Dear Experts tell that to my 5 year old who has been reading since 2 or 3 and can navigate a device better than most adults. At this rate he will be coding by his 10th birthday. My son is five years old and has a very very short attention span. However he will go on and watch videos of people doing reviews on products, watch unboxing of products, he will watch torture tests on products... and before we had heard a peep about the Wii U. William was watching Wii U unboxings and reviews OBSESSIVELY. We have the old standard Wii you see. We decided to not upgrade or buy a new one because well this one plays Game Cube games which we still have plenty of (we still even use the Game Cube on occasion.) The new Wii isn't compatible with Game Cube products. I am VERY thankful that for the most part when you buy a new game console from Nintendo they don't make you upgrade everything... until now. I get the Ooohs and Ahh's of the Wii U. Its a nifty system but so far they only have the compatibility to suit ONE child with One of those hand held screen things... My kids would FIGHT... Now my kids don't fight all the time. They are 7 years apart in age. William is a rough and tough kid, hyper, and he likes to mimic.. He wants to be cool like his big sister so if she is watching Shaytards on Youtube William must tune it as well --sometimes. It annoys Skylar but she used to love to watch every move Alex and James made too. Before I married Rick she was very attached to her cousin Matthew who's the same age as her brother, Mackenzie. So its just one of those 5 year old little brother vs Teenage things that they do. She's just as bad.. he could be playing with Playdoh or playing a game and she practically takes it over. So I can see the Wii U being a disaster here. Did I mention that William is rough? How long would it take him to break that screen? You say yours is tough? Well he had a bumper on his Nabi Tablet he got for his birthday and the tablet broke 24 hours into game play. He's now got something like an Otterbox on the Samsung Galaxy Kids Tab 3 we bought in replacement because it DOES have that option to have an Otterbox and full coverage. Its been going strong three months and I love it because I can use the adult mode when he is at school and watch Netflix or read or whatever. I just don't think at this point I can fork over $250 for any Game System... 

My daughter well she wants a laptop (William says he wants a Mac Pro -he specifies the model too but hell if I can recall it). I am not getting my child a laptop. She already has a hand-me-down from her adult brother Iphone. That is WAY to much freedom is it is.. It scares me with the dangers online. I can't imagine gifting a laptop and saying that's fine go in your room with a computer unsupervised... ever.... like even at 20. I kid maybe 18 but then again I did some really stupid crap till I was pregnant with her so haha! I am sure these are top items on my kids wish lists but I will not buy them no matter how cheap.. I like a computer with a leash on it that if I walk past I can see what she is doing without spying on her (I will spy if I have to and she knows this even about her phone) But no I don't think I could give the kids a laptop any time soon. That's just too much freedom IMO. 

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Beth Applegate said...

Kman is very technology smart as well. He asked for a Wii U and we did get it. There might be so e battle at first, but when he got his original Wii Z threw a fit so we moved the family one to her room and it hasn't been touched since. Zoey asked for a laptop as well. While I think eventually she will get one with parental controls, she is only I. 2nd grade, it isn't like we are doing science fair projects and research papers as of yet :)

Bella Armyknightslady said...

Well then maybe next year if he still wants one I will consider it for his big gift :)