Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday November 19, 2014: No, seriously. I saw it on the news.

People that follow one of my Facebook profiles I do post news links quite a bit.. they could be silly, gruesome, and weird. Hell I even posted the link of Kim Karatrashian trying to break the internet when it obviously didn't break it just made my eyes see something that can't be unseen and completely unnecessary. At least a few times a week I post a link about news in my local news with the phrase-- we gotta hit our weird quota. You remember that guy, Hide yo kids- hide yo wife guy? Yeah that guy... that's the town closest to me err we are like a suburb of that town. We just seem to get a bunch of odd ducks in this town. I am from Los Angeles and Atlanta before moving here and I just don't recall the magnitude of weird that we have. Perhaps there was so much odd stuff there that it would be too much to report on? There has been reports like Antoine Dodson's 5 minutes of fame... oh but his story just keeps getting better!
There is the guy who is building a fence around his beautiful old house to protect HIMSELF while he repairs that beautiful old house. The city said wrong fence its a hazard (frankly an eye source and it doesn't do the beautiful house justice) because he wants to build it a fortress. So then he said fine I will sell the house off shingle by shingle- heartbreaking. My question to the crazy ole coot that owns the house if you fear for your safety enough to not repair the house 1) how are you building the fence? 2) How do you plan on pulling the shingles off the roof? Its an historic house in the bad part of town so its not profitable to save according to the city's historical society. Its truly my favorite house here. Just two crazy coots that own it!

Then of course the pictures that are occasionally posted by someone with their recent hunting trophy tied to the front of their truck while going through drive thru at Taco Bell. The person driving around town with a lazy boy in the back just encase someone needs tail gate seating maybe? You don't understand these people and their SEC. This place has news for the weird!

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