Monday, November 17, 2014

Tonka Truck

Did you ever have those metal Tonka trucks you would play with? I remember them being outside and playing with them in the sandbox and they would rust but still be very usable. The thing never seemed to break..
Well I call William my Tonka Truck. He's also been nicknamed Bubby, Destroyer of Worlds (and eyeballs), ER baby-- you know how many times do we rush to the ER for this kid? Actually we've only made it to the ER twice. Once when his fever was high but got to the parking lot and the pediatrician told me to go home- after all what can they do for a fever? I never liked that answer but that's what she said. The other time when he was in his space saver high chair and he would put his feet up on the table and tipped himself back while buckled in and some how his head hit the hard wood floor. He nearly had a concussion.. Got him home and then he started showing more symptoms of a concussion so yeah for sure he probably had one.

had his feet kicked back like Obama on the edge of the table.
The school nurse called me today. My phone didn't ring for whatever reason. So I get a notification that I have a voice mail. The voice mail says they have William in the clinic to give her a call back hmm. I am trying to listen to my voice mail and Stephanie my friend beeped in to ask me a question. I guess she heard the disconnect in my voice and I told her Mill Creek called and I was trying to listen to the voice mail. I call Rick and they hadn't called him either. So I called the nurse back and she said William was told twice during in class recess not to run in the building on the 3rd warning he bumped into a little boy holding a stick. I said okay. She said it barely scraped his eye but it was very close. He acted like it didn't really bother him so she packed it with ice and sent him back to class she would call me in half an hour when she went to retrieve the ice pack if anything changed. Well I had to check the kids out an hour after this so when I got there Skylar told me she saw William with an ice pack. I explained what happened and I said I don't want to know why there was a "stick" in the classroom LOL. The lady at the front desk so oh is he yours? I said yes. She said I was wondering about the stick too come to find out its not a stick its a plastic piece like for those builder things. I was like OOOH makes sense now...  Him and Skylar both have scrapes near their eye now. Skylar woke up with her's this morning. I am wondering if she had a run in with Tinker Bell in her sleep? LOL

If William is really not getting over a boo boo I know its serious. He usually cries enough to get a little comfort and then his world is too busy to dwell on it and he acts fine. He is a tough cookie! 

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