Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday.

So who does the 30 days of Thankfulness on social networking? I have heard some people say that you should be thankful every day not just because Thanksgiving is coming. I am thankful every day but sometimes we just need to speak it out loud. Plus! social media could always use some more positivity am I right? So yes I have been doing it. I think I have missed one day but I have been keeping up with it pretty good coming up with heart felt thank you's. I was going to do them on the blog but I realize I am behind so maybe I will just post them on my weekly meme of Thankful Thursday? I don't know I am even hoping to keep up with my blog that long. Also in November is Epilepsy Awareness month so I try to spread awareness of Epilepsy because I had it until I was 21 and my first husband died from it at 27. So I think its important to educate! We have so much emphasis in October for Breast Cancer Awareness and Susan G Komen where is the awareness for the other types of cancers and conditions? Sure we can't fit them all into a 12 month calendar but I can't walk into Walmart in October without feeling like I walked into Barbies Dream house because even the mop is pink! 

Day 20 of the 30 days of Thankfulness. I am thankful for my experiences the only one I would chose not to relive are the ones that have directly altered the path of my children. My experiences taught me strength, knowledge, love, compassion.. etc

Day 19 out of 30 days of Thankfulness. I am thankful my kids have warm jackets and coats. I wear a very non fashionable Marlboro Country puffy coat that irritates the living daylights out of me but its super warm versus my old ski coat. I gave away Skylar's coat I got from Rocket City Consignment to a 4th grader at the bus stop who only had a hoodie on this morning and it wouldn't even zip up. I figure even if it was a bit small she could at least have another layer on.

Day 18 of 30 Thankful for Huntsville there is always something to do here!

Day 17 of 30 days I am thankful for a good read or good movie, a snuggly scooby blanket, fluffy pillow.

Day 16 of 30.. I am thankful for YOU!

Day 15 of the 30 days of thankfulness I am thankful for the ear that listens, that shoulder that supports, and the kisses that dry the tears..

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