Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Soo... What do I do now?

You ever have something you want to do but not sure how to get started? One of the biggest pet peeves about myself is I am not a self starter. I don't know how to change that. When I am trying to help and fit in I always feel like I am a little slower. Maybe even annoyingly slower. I am underfoot and in the way.

I am not sure how far back this blog goes or the stories I have shared over the years but at the age of 10 I became the ward of the state. So I was not legally adopted but it felt like it. My mother in law also adopted my oldest son. My first husbands god mother used to reunite adoptee's with their family members. I really would like to do the same thing. I think my calling is into social work. You know at 35 I should probably have gotten all this "calling" business wrapped up or pretty close to it. I don't think I could work for the state in human resources, Department of Family and Children Services, Child Protective Services or any of those agencies or that line of work. #1 I have a short temper for those who are just lazy and don't want to do for themselves. I may not be a self starter but I do know how to get up and bust my butt. #2 I am incapable of being B.S.'d.. #3 I just can't do that. So I would like to help in some way and I used to watch this show on TV that was about reuniting those who are adopted with their birth families or vice versa. The ABC show was called Find My Family. I so want to be apart of that dream making. I am the type of girl that bawls during Undercover Boss or Secret Millionaire and maybe even Shark Tank watching other peoples dreams come true. So what am I going to do now? Well I am not sure where to start? Do I start by getting a degree in social work? Family historian? Private investigator? There are many jobs not necessarily ones I wanted where I say how did you get started doing that?

I have an idea for a business even a name and I want to see if its already been under copyright... How do I find out? What's next? Geez I even took Small Business Marketing in college LOL. What

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