Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday November 22, 2014: I was wondering how you would feel.

I was going to write something dark as I pondered over this topic past couple of days but I saw Hunger Games Mockingjay part 1 today thanks to my husband's employer who rented out a theater for us :) I read all the books when the first movie came out (what two years ago now?)
I just wondered what it would feel like to be Gale? Gale is Katniss' hero. He's her constant in many ways. Yet he has to turn a blind eye to her love for Peeta. Gale seems so passionate about going against the Hunger Games but he's not passionate to show Katniss how he feels. I say from the very beginning Katniss makes it clear how she feels about romance, being married, and having a kid. I don't think she ever really love Gale he was that boy next door, big brother, kinda have a crush on type.. I think its really unfair how Suzanne Collins portrays him like he always secretly loved her. It actually almost ruins it for me. It makes it like the Jacob/ Bella/ Edward love triangle from Twilight. in Twilight Jacob is her anchor but she never really says she loves him. As much as I was team Jacob because I love the idea of being married to your best friend or being with your best friend for life versus some guy that will leave you hanging... So its the same for Gale. I wasn't team Gale though because like I said she has clearly stated no thanks on the baby making because she didn't want to have children that would have to go to the Hunger Games. Back to Hunger Games though I was wondering how it would feel to be Gale? How would you feel if you knew you were the hero and you were in love with someone but she was pretty much blind to it? How would you feel?

How would you feel if you were Jacob Black or Gale Hawthorne how would you feel? Have you ever been in that situation?

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