Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday November 15, 2014: It was just, one of those things.

I did a whole entry while out and about today on the Blogger app and I pushed publish and it disappeared *tears* It was just one of those things, you know when someone says that to you? It could be the first love of a child, a friend or a romance, or something totally unlabeled. When you say its just one of those things it sounds so minimal so small. Just one of those things is usually something that is stratospheric not minimal. Having that moment or that relationship is life changing. You don't even know it but the path in front of you changes right before your very eyes. Meeting this person you may not even realize it at that moment but your whole thought process changes. The way you carry yourself changes. Your future has changed by simply knowing this person. Its just one of those things like when a meteorite hits a planet... the whole orbit changes. The atmosphere and environment change. Even if the meteorite goes away the orbit doesn't change again or go back to the way it was. The atmosphere and environment is still the same it didn't change back. Like a vampire they forever put an imprint on your soul... You are forever changed. There is no going back. You can't take back, give away, or give back what you were given. Its part of your DNA now its coursing through your veins like a fire. Sometimes the fire is a warm gentle comfort and other times it can be painful and raging. Sometimes its like a drug and the need for it is incomparable. Long after their gone they linger in your thoughts their touch has punished your skin and you can still feel it. A slight tingle and shivers go up your spine remembering the one who was there. So that person you may have just known for a day, a week, a month, a year... or a life time its just one of those things that you don't know the force of the impact and may never know the force. Its not something you can find or search for its just someone that is placed in your life and lights a fire inside you. That you didn't know you had. When there is a connection two people share when they've had this moment. That makes them inseparable not physically but a much deeper being. Its just one of those things that you can suddenly feel their emotions your so attuned to them. There is days when you feel so heavy because they might be a world a way and you may not have spoken to them but you feel heavy because you know something is wrong. Its just that thing that makes you laugh when they laugh, it makes you cry when they cry. Its just one of those connections that can never be disconnected. You feel lighter just knowing they are near if they can be near. It puts a big smile on your face knowing that you will see from them or hear from them. It makes your heart drop when they have to go. Its just one of those things that cannot be explained and sometimes its why people fall in love or maybe they just fall in lust. Sometimes its just a a special friendship or relationship or even as I have said it could be having a child that makes that moment for you. I love having that connection. It can be dangerous giving that much of yourself to someone. Sometimes your the more vulnerable one. Its empowering. Its everything that can't be explained. Some people may even say these two are soul mates if its with someone your attracted to. Some people feel this powerful connection with their children. When their children are gone for a long period to school, a trip, or at a friends house it seems that the Earth's orbit has slowed down. That's how much that missing piece can weigh you down. Its just one of those things. Its spiritual. The Blog Dare on Bloggy Moms

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