Saturday, November 29, 2014

Okay so my blog comes with a warning

If sometimes when you go to my blog it has a little disclaimer warning you there might be foul language or other adult content. That's because in the past I have made things with graphics that might be inappropriate for kids. I do have a potty mouth as well I admit. The F word flows out of my mouth without me even thinking about it. My 5 year old has tried to get away with being a mockingbird so the mouth has been cleaned up off line. The F word jumps out and I over use it out of anger and excitement and I over use LOL too. I am making it a personal challenge to not LOL on here. There are a few foul words I don't approve of believe it or not and the male members of my house hold has to pay $1 per word or $2... depending on my mood and fines doubled on Sunday for one of those... But I have NEVER gotten in trouble for using a word I didn't know was a foul word.. Okay so its not the prettiest word and I probably wouldn't appreciate it coming out of my child's mouth but I don't say Shut Up either... I just got flagged on Facebook for saying something "pissed me off". If I wasn't so upset about my "Dad" I would probably laugh like crazy...

Just so you know I leave the disclaimer up just encase something slips :)

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