Monday, November 17, 2014

Not Me Monday

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The blog meme was made by but she no longer hosts the meme but I liked it :)

The week before last my children's school gave me awful anxiety. I am not an anxious person but I have some triggers that if you push those buttons awful things happen. Last week was one of those weeks. It is a rare happening but nonetheless I am a normal parent okay semi normal. Haha.
Last week I had an abscess tooth and was in pain most of the week or just not feeling good from the medicines I was on. Rick is really good about helping in the mornings matter of fact I am not afraid to say it he does 75% of the morning prep. I do my part too but I am a sleeper. I get up about 6 am. Get completely dressed, pick out the kids clothes and I usually help where he needs it like getting my Sleeping Beauty out of her bed. Well being out of it the past two weeks we discovered no one washed William's nap mat (good thing I have a spare)... No one has checked William's notebook. Oops he had homework. Kindergarten homework. Something my kids have done every year for years... we get a worksheet of a turkey and we are assigned to disguise it. On Facebook last night my friend had showed off her daughters disguised turkey- they live in another city far away haha. As I am looking at this Turkey- already late I said what to do with this turkey... In years past we have had a turkey under leaves, a turkey in clothes, even a Dr Seuss Turkey I believe one year. I remember my friends daughters turkey. I grab the crayons and begin coloring. Some tail feathers blue and orange on one side and black and red on the other side and then school logo's on every other tail feather and on the turkey's belly. Its a house divided SEC football turkey. Yes I colored most of it until William woke up and wanted to help then I let him take over. Shameful mama! At least he didn't eat Twinkies for breakfast.. Hubby baked blueberry muffins.... What did you or your kids "not" do lately? Anything your almost ashamed to admit? 

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