Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday November 24, 2014: We know. Everything.

We are mothers we know everything yet nothing. My daughter has never been a fan of academics. Yet she gets A's, B's, and C's and has been a decent student at school. First grade she would melt down over spelling words even though the teachers for several grades used a format called Spelling Tic Tac Toe to make it fun and easy.. Hours of torture would ensue.. she would pitch awful fits even though that wasn't her typically just her when it came to homework. The 1st first grade teacher failed her not for her own lack of academics but because in my belief the teacher didn't give her the building blocks she needed for second grade. This has been the constant subject of contention with the principal with the school now that Skylar is in the 5th grade and still struggling according to Skylar. She was tested and diagnosed with a learning disorder and was assigned a teacher called an inclusion teacher which is like an in- class tutor. After a few years she was tested out of the program and no longer had scores low enough to say she had that comprehension learning disability. There would be incidents with homework like trying to teach her how to count money... she would be like that's not how so and so does it (her teacher)! I was so frustrated because I would explain this to the teacher yet Miss stubborn princess would not budge.. 5 grade now she is still getting C's or above and she is just being stubborn. Crying about how hard and stressful school is. Oh dear lord please save me I have 7 more years of this just from her! Her assignment was this weekend was trying to learn all 44 presidents in order. I am assuming she has had over a week notice that she needs to know this. The teacher told my husband that she was even put into small groups to figure out a way to learn them. The teacher sent an email with a helpful link. When asked today if Skylar studied she said she did. She said she watched youtube videos that would help her but she still didn't know them. *insert tears and whines out of her* Rick checked her history on her computer and there was nothing... So now I am frustrated thinking she is getting mouthy and lying to me. Lying isn't something normally coming out of her either. So I did some Googling and gave her some references and told her she had a choice on what to study or what tools to study with. After pouting and pitching a silent fit she gave in and decided to do it her way. I bet she still doesn't know but she is so mouthy! My thing is she has an acronym for division and the school has been teaching them acronyms for almost anything she needs to learn. Its either that or there is a youtube video with a catchy song. Her acronym is something like Daddy (Divide) Mother (multiply) Sister (Subtract) Brother (Bring down) something like that... She can rattle that off her in her sleep so I found several youtube videos that give you a little song to remember the presidents.. There is a story about an alien named Waj (Washington Adams Jefferson) and his favorite candy is M n' M's (Madison and Monroe) and so on... She of course is just like I watched that once it doesn't help. Oh child does taking medicine once do you think it works? Listening to a song once do you know the lyrics? *insert mouthy tween here* *insert tears* Ohmigoodness.
I do more digging on Google. They haven't nicknamed me the Google queen for nothing...
Then there is a song called Washy Ad Jeffy.. 
This is why I can't home school this child I have tried twice

I am usually a pretty cool mom but when it comes to sassy mouthed lying stubborn tweens I loose my patience. Now I am going to have to look through Net Nanny's to see which one will work best for us.. *sigh*

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