Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Girl Talk Tuesday...

I don't know about you but getting a teenage daughter is nerve racking for me! I think I want to start a new meme of sorts... Girl talk? I ask questions (hopefully not too inappropriate?) and you can provide some feedback. Some questions are about my teenager and some may be more geared toward me. 

So on my Wifey Wednesday post I posted about make up sex...

I mentioned last week that my husband and I had a disagreement and it got me to thinking and actually talking a bit in therapy about Make Up Sex or general brown nosing.

I come from an abusive parent home both in my birth parents home and my guardian's home. Also Adam was abusive toward me and the D'man was also emotionally abusive. I stopped taking BS long ago and if he ever laid a hand on me it would be the last time he used his hand for sure.. So I guess he didn't attempt it. So my turn offs to make up sex may come from my back ground of being abused. I don't find make up sex erotic or a turn on. The idea of make up sex when my husband has pissed me up makes my Fight or Flight heighten. It gets already bad and I have to fight it down but the thought he wants to ignore everything that was bad and just get "coffee" just disturbs me and make me want to run for the hills. Especially since sorry doesn't come easily to my husband. So I don't know its just like you don't even both admitting your sorry for your actions but you think all is forgiven so much you get this... gift? You have a fight with your spouse and they just want to sweep it under the rug and get down to the "coffee"? Put a band aid over the bullet hole (Thank you Taylor Swift!!) and think I want coffee after how badly I hurt emotionally or even physically? I mean is that the equivalent of giving your "flower" away the first time and the being dissed?

Its actually a real betrayal for me because I feel like my feelings aren't acknowledged.  My feelings aren't acknowledged and he hasn't admitting anything wrong. We are just supposed to ignore this wound and let it what? Fester? Yeah anyways that's what I feel like when I am just supposed to let it go. Even indulge in a "coffee" date I am in no mood for?

What are your thoughts on make up sex? Fantastic? Does it rock your world? Or do you want to just make him go away?

Listening to Bad Blood by Taylor Swift

New trend hashtags on a blog
#Parent2afemaleteenager #Teenagerproblems
*just kidding*

Every time Skylar cries about school work we try to help her and she gets mouthy. I usually am really lenient with her because she is well behaved and does get A's, B's, and C's in school. Her teacher says she has to learn the presidents names... all of them by Monday. So Rick asked her if she studied she said yeah she was watching youtube videos on how to remember the presidents name. I did a quick google and yes that's the first two or three links that showed up for me but her computer history doesn't say anything on Internet Explorer and her Google Chrome says it was working constantly (which she says it wasn't) Do you think she is lying? I am so frustrated with my mouthy teen and I don't tolerate lying. Encase your wondering I am very strict with Skylar in some ways but lenient in others due to her being such a good girl.  I mentioned this the other night on my blog here.
When I told Rick to check her computer history (Betcha she didn't know I would do that huh?) Well then she said I didn't use Google Chrome because it kept crashing so I used Internet Explorer. So I told Rick to check her IE history... Nothing showed up. She's like I swear I did it on IE... I was like uh huh I think your lying to me and you NEVER lie to me so you'd better think harder and tell the truth. She was swearing she did. Rick said for some reason her IE was just showing computer locations like hard drive locations not any websites or internet use. I said fine Rick check her Google Chrome to see how long it was active and if there was was any down time I will buy her excuses that her Chrome was crashing because there was a night recently it was doing it to me too. There were NO spaces of time that she wasn't active on Google Chrome. So I still believe she wasn't being honest and it bothers me so now I have to be in the market for a Net Nanny because I can't trust her. 

Do you think she just didn't want to study and she was lying? How do you deal with your child butting heads with you over homework the way Skylar does with us? Her teachers aren't helpful with the situation. Do you use a Net Nanny for your kids? If so what is your experience?

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