Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday November 21, 2014: It's just another day.

Its just another Friday here. Every other Friday (most of the time) my husband has them off. So we typically go on our date if we can afford it. Don't get too excited its just lunch out somewhere while the kids are in school. I am grateful he volunteered that we should go to take care of our Christmas shopping. So we took care of most of our shopping and didn't spend near as much as we used to. I am TIRED of toys. My kids either like being outdoors or on their electronics. There are times when my son wants his hot wheels or his legos but most of the time its electronics, board games, outside stuff. I have their big gifts to get but I didn't get them yet because I have no where to hide them LOL.

My blogger friend Beth and I were talking... Have you read her blog +Beth Applegate ? Anyways she was like I am not sure readers want to read about that. I was like have you seen the insane stuff on the internet? I never know what to blog about. I haven't been getting many comments so I guess I will just take the comments as suggestions. Like Beth I am not sure you want to read about the boring parts of my day? So what say you? Do you want to read about just an average day in the misadventures of my second life?

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