Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday November 14, 2014: I have contained the situation.

Ohmigoodness I have NOT contained the situation. What I do to earn extra money is sell my kids gently used (or never used) clothes and other items. Three times a year (Spring, Fall, and Late Fall) a friend of mine rents out an old retail space.. turns on the lights, sets up racks, tables, shelves galore. Pays for advertising, enlists volunteers like me and consignors like me to tag our wares then put them in this building for about two weeks time during that set time. Then she sells the heck out of it! Its called Rocket City Consignment . When I first moved to Huntsville I found several big consignments similar to this and oh boy would I spend some money BUT I would get most of whatever Skylar needed for that season. I had also hoarded and saved all of Skylar's clothes just encase? Just encase I don't know but just encase... Then I got pregnant with William and I could afford to buy whatever I needed for him. Its been such a blessing but I never really did the other end of the consignment game- selling.. until a few years ago when I took the time to put prices on everything. I started making money. Now I have taken time to tag most of everything I have. I even have my own clients that bring their items to me and I sell them. If the items don't sell I put them back in the tote nicely or leaving them hanging on a rack.. I might photograph them and try the Facebook yard sale sites or my own fan page ...Bella's Online Yard Sale Page but sometimes bringing the items that don't sell back from consignment and reorganizing them into the proper 18 gallon plastic tote takes time. Time I don't have when Rick and the kids are around. I still have totes in our living space from the August sale and we just ended our last sale of the year this month. Thankfully I didn't bring home as much as I did in August. I am just trying to figure out how to get it all organized. That's the plan. Once all the totes are organized back into the storage area then I can bring out Christmas storage and start to decorate. Sometimes its a little overwhelming though. I do enjoy it though. I enjoy being able to shop at the consignment sale and not pay any money out of pocket and only spend my own earnings and know that I largely contributed to my kids wardrobes for that season plus I have extra cash to bring home! Its such a relief... until they hit a growth spurt....

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