Sunday, November 16, 2014

Chardonnays & Soirees

I admit I have a love for party planning. Its not exactly stress free so I don't know why I do enjoy it but I put a lot of detail into the parties I plan. I always get compliments and offers to do it for a living but I am not sure who would pay me to do that LOL. Its something I could think about certainly.

So coming across this blog Chardonnays & Soirees and all her beautiful posts made me love it all the much more. But it also shows me where I have to reach if I truly want to do it. I am not a party event planner by any means I couldn't plan my own wedding if I wanted to! Perhaps that's why we ran away to a chapel! *laughs*

She has lots of recipes on her blog for us normal type of folk...

Take a look at her blog here

Also Elf on the Shelf. Who has an Elf or the like? Tell me about them? Have you blogged about them?

Ours are Barnaby and Merry :)

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Sierra said...

Thank you for the post! If you love doing events you should do it! That's how I started I love styling all sorts of events and decided I need to start doing what I love. Thank you so much for the share!