Monday, November 17, 2014

Captivated by You.. written by Sylvia Day...

I have read the first three chapters of Captivated by You the newest novel by Sylvia Day in the Crossfire Series. I have never done a book review before but I was up till midnight reading and as usual for me with this series I can't put it down. I kinda been putting off reading it because I am waiting on the actual release-- that I've prepaid for. Haha! 

The Story of the series is Eva Trammell is a recent college graduate that begins a new life with her best friend in New York City and gets a job with an advertising agency. She runs into quite literally Gideon Cross she doesn't know it at the time but he is a highly driven, dark, sexually charged CEO of entertainment. He has very hands off past with love both Eva and Gideon have suffered through tragic pasts. 

Anyways my first thoughts while reading the first few pages is this is a hard read. I didn't want to put that here because I didn't want my readers to take it literally. Hard read doesn't mean in a War & Peace type of way. Because of Eva and Gideon's past they have to have a Love the Way You Lie type of relationship so its hard for me with my past to read that kind of torturous unhealthy relationship. Like my life what may seem like unhealthy just is the way they/we work. It doesn't take the writer Sylvia Day long to get steamy. I believe there was about 3 steamy scenes in the first three chapters. 

If you would like to get an early head start you can download it on her website here 

What do you think will happen? What will happen with Eva and Gideon? What did you think of the first 3 books? What will happen with Carey? What happened to Megumi?

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