Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Are you a blogging momma? Or wish you were?

As I said before I've been blogging for over a decade.. Sometimes infrequently sometimes I could probably blog your ear off. I remember when I was in Livejournal they would ask me to edit my blog because it was taking up too much of their space. haha. I also mentioned recently an online friend of mine +Beth  got into blogging and I have kinda lend her some advice etc and I am exciting to see how her blog grows. I've always wanted to research about Mommy Blogging and even how to make money from it. I have made money off and on but my computer went caputz so I couldn't keep up with her demand. I wanted to connect with other mommy bloggers and get tips and share viewers. etc. My friend +Samantha  and I came up with a blogging group for us serious about Mommy Blogs not just to make money but for the joy of documenting our lives. Sam is a Mommy Blogger -Like me, a graphic designer- like me, an Army wife- like me, and a photographer -nope not like me. So if your a blogging mommy come join us and some place to kick up our heels and follow some of your favorite blogging mommies, find new blogs to follow etc..

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