Sunday, December 22, 2013

Self Entitlement

I am no fan of the President I never have been. I was raised by a military family that taught you respect your elders, you worked hard and weren't a mooch, you had self discipline (I struggle with this one), and you respect the military and the office of the government. In other words you respect the office of the president and his authority but that doesn't mean you have to like him/her. However in this culture of lazy SPOILED American's we elected the right guy to continue with the society of Self Entitlement. I see it in my own house and it bothers me. Under the age of 17 you have the right that your parents provide... Food, shelter, clothing... After the age of 17 you are not given the right to anything except what is stated in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and I even question if those rights still exist too. I got fairly angry at a person that posted on my Facebook timeline when she said basically that she gives a rats ass about religion that she is under the Mantra whatever makes you happy? Perhaps what would make me happy is robbing and pillaging your loved ones I am sure her mantra would no longer apply LOL.

My daughter is 11 and she used to get allowance even when I was a struggling single mom on TANF and Food Stamps I would give her whatever change was left and that was her allowance at a young age. When she was loosing her baby teeth she was given $1 per tooth per year of life... ie... 6 year old would get $6 per tooth. Because of the crowd she hangs out with she's been acting a little more spoiled. She's never liked cleaning up after herself but she will do Mom chores pretty well now of course if its not a social event she's not interested like any normal Pre-Teen/Teenager. I have started trying to figure out ways to get her realize Money still does exist and how to budget. I bought her Dave Ramsey's Kids program for Christmas. She just has a hard concept sometimes even when it comes to me being sick she will still ask to go shopping or whatever or want me to do something that I can't do because I am sick.

Anyways my friend +Marissa Weir  posted this GREAT (I told her BEST) read... Take a look
5 Signs Kids are Struggling with Entitlement

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