Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Roaring at Haters.

So after I was listening to MoJo... I love Car line for this reason and they were having the discussion about friends... Roar by Katy Perry came on. I have had some family drama lately and I have always wondered why certain family, friends, people in my life why they can't be happy that I am where I am? Then I realized because the people oppressing you don't WANT you to win... They are HATERS.

I must sound so full of it but this is honestly I guess my logic... If people can't be there for me in the sunshine and just LOVE when it rains then they don't deserve the sunshine and its ALL RIGHT!
Or if people JUST want my sunshine but vanish when it rains then its time to kick those people to the curb as well.

I have cried my ugly tears this week dealing with my family abandoning me but I realized they just can't be happy for me for whatever reason its THEIR issue not mine. This is not a new issue I have struggled with my family my whole life. Same goes for some people I might have called friends.

I have truly been blessed with the ability to not let things weigh me down... It could take months, or just weeks or days or no time at all for me to dust myself off but I ALWAYS dust myself off. Sometimes I have to learn that a certain thing or person is holding me down that may take awhile it may take awhile for me to learn to let that person go but I can ROAR over adversity I believe it and I have done it... maybe its what some people call faith? IDK...

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