Monday, November 4, 2013

Day of Thanks

My husband wanted an easier way to read them other than Facebook so I told him I would post them here. Every Day I can post a day of thanks.

Lets go back November 1st

Day 1... Thank you God. Its been a long path that I've been down. Sometimes the journey got hard but I held on to faith. I knew it had to lead somewhere. I am thankful for every hill or mountain. I am thankful for every rocky path, every endless burning sky when I just wanted a break. Every blister and worn mile I've been on my feet its been worth the journey...

November 2nd

Day 2. I am thankful I am a Christian. I am thankful for those who taught me faith... Rev Carmack. Barry, Pastor Mark. I am thankful Jesus shed me of my sins and gave his life for me. I am thankful for the Bible for the lessons inside. I am thankful to have purpose and hope. I am thankful for prayer and forgiveness.

November 3rd

Day 3 I am Thankful for my Family! I am thankful for each of my children and my husband. They each bring something to my life that someone else couldn't do.

I will start today's Day 4 on a new blog.

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