Friday, November 8, 2013

Day 8 of thanks

This picture signifies the beginning of what I call my second life. My life away from Georgia. My life as an Army Wife, My life as a wife, a mother, step mother... and so on.

Day 8 I am thankful for my second life. Its more than a second chance at life. God had already given me that. Its a new life as a Christian because I asked God to take the wheel and lead me to my purpose filled life and there I was at the alter with a man I had spoken to for over a year but we were only together for a few weeks. I had no butterflies, no reservations, no second thoughts... I was full in +Richard  on the other hand was shaking like a leaf. Being an Army wife or a soldier isn't for everyone. I was unsure if it was my purpose from the time I was a little girl I just said never... My guardian was retired Air Force. My sister was in the Air Force I saw things... I knew things but then again I knew nothing. The Army provides for us to this day even though he's been retired three years I will never be ungrateful for the privileges and how it provides for myself and Skylar. The military provided my second life a whole new life. 

Just because I have a second life doesn't mean that I didn't learn from my first life. EVERYTHING I took from my second life stays with me like a tattoo. Its never forgotten. Some of the pain has stayed behind but some creeps up and becomes raw. The rawness of becoming a widow, being abandoned multiple times by blood and family, loosing Mackenzie. As well as some relationships I've kept. My best friend of 10 years, and some people that seem to take me for me! 

and I am grateful for my new home. Where the problem is this weekend to go to Aviation Challenge at the Space and Rocket Center, The Chattanooga Zoo, or the Harmony Park Safari? There is so much for our kids to enjoy here whether you have money or you don't.

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