Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day 5 of my Days of Thanks

Day 5 I am thankful I get the opportunity to work from home that way I can take the time needed to take care of my little monsters. The weekend before Halloween William started a cough and just wasn't acting like himself so we have had to post pone plans of taking James hiking for his birthday. He got better and surprisingly went to school all last week. I was the one that had fighting the cold. Well last night William's cough achieved level nasty and he's got a low grade fever at best. His head is still very warm even though the new thermometer isn't showing a high temp... (we have major issues with thermometers in the house LOL)
I even kept Skylar home because I know she's got the same cold and low grade fever
Skylar brought down her trundle mattress so they could cuddle. William is so upset he can't go to school. My alarm on my phone went off and William said its time to go... I said yes bud but we are going to stay home and rest today. He got the pouty lip and is so sad... He left the room and a minute later came back and said but please can I go to school? awww my poor baby. William has some special needs children in his Pre-K class and I am almost positive one has a compromised immune system so I don't want to chance that child getting sick. Plus with William having a fever he could get more sick from other germs.

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