Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dream Journal

My therapist suggested I use a dream app to interpret my dreams as Iphone friendly as I am I don't feel like typing out a whole long dream on my Iphone and I am not good at finding meaning so if anyone has input let me know.

My first dream was about my mother. I dreamed she was under heavy drug use and her husband (who passed away two years ago) and some how drama got started with her husband. I found her "out of it" either OD'ing or going through withdraws he didn't want me to take her to the hospital so he framed me for doing something wrong and Rick and I were just trying to get her help. Very strange

Then I met Michael Stipe the head singer of REM

In another dream Skylar wanted a particular American Girl doll I am not fond of for no other reason that she just doesn't excite me (we collect AG dolls together) so I was like damn I had to start all over LOL