Friday, May 31, 2013

Mackenzie's birth story

I was very pregnant with Mackenzie and I worked at Domino's with Adam at the time. Well since i couldn't really do anything but answer phones I probably spent most of the time in the office answering phones. I was on the phone with Angela and she had had Penny a few years before so she was telling me what contractions felt like. A few days later Adam was due to start vacation and I felt the sharpest pains I have ever felt in my life like someone was stabbing my cervix but it was nothing like Angela had described labor to be. I tried walking it off, resting, everything and my Midwife or nurse through the OB practice told me if I was on the phone with her and talking through them then it wasn't true labor. I ended up being in so much pain I went to Southern Regional Medical Hospital which is the closest place to me. I lived in Riverdale at the time. I had moved to Riverdale because Domino's corporate gave Adam and I the store to run. We wanted to be closer to Helene and we bought a house there. But because I got pregnant in Marietta and lived for a very short time in Woodstock my OB and Neonatalogist was in Marietta. I went to Southern Regional at 38 weeks pregnant and they hooked me up to the monitors and it showed no contractions just uterine irritation. They said they were giving me medicine to rest and they offered me demerol but I refused it. I woke up after a nap and my labor had stopped to this day I think they stopped it. I fought to see an OB and they told me they didn't have an OB on the floor yeah whatever LOL. They released me and suggested I follow up with my regular OB. So I did I had an appointment scheduled the next day anyways. Adam and I took the long drive up to Marietta that day and by the time I got to the OB's office I couldn't move I was in so much pain. They had to bring a wheel chair and get me in the office. They said they could induce me but didn't suggest it at 38 weeks. I went to Labor and Delivery and was giving a half a dose of cervidil and the monitors still didn't show contractions just uterine irritation. Of course because the contractions didn't feel like Angela had explained how they felt they felt like stabbing pains deep down LOL. After 5 minutes of pitocin my contractions were so on top of each other they had to stop it. To t his day I believe I was in true labor it just wasn't picking up. I believe my cervix was contracting and not my uterus. I remember filming Mackenzie's hiccups and then I went to sleep and slept for 9 hours. I woke up screaming bloody murder like someone was killing me in the middle of the night. Adam woke up seizing and begged his sister to help me. At the time I didn't want his sister there at all and told her to help Adam. The Midwife wanted Adam to go to the ER but Adam refused and REALLY didn't want the medical bills for something they couldn't help him with. He begged me to get the epidural that he couldn't stand to see me in that much pain so I did and fell asleep again for a few more hours I woke up from the midwife wanting to check my cervix and I told her I couldn't feel anything from my belly button down... not just numb but nothing like it wasn't there BUT I did feel wetness... My water had broke and I was at 10 CM. Time to push. I am like how am I going to push if I can't feel anything. She said think about it real hard. Adam and Jennifer held me and I watched in the mirror and pushed him out in 32 minutes. Mackenzie Robert Taylor weighed 7 lbs 1 ounce and was 17 and half inches long :) He was born at Kennestone Hosptial in Marietta GA and at the time Matthew my nephew who was born on May 24th was in NICU at the same hospital.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Too Blessed to be stressed

I am sorry if this comes across the wrong way as I tend to get preachy so for all of you who aren't Christian I apologize for offending but I don't apologize for believing. When we can't go to church on Sunday we watch from home. So Sunday we were watching and our preacher Mark whom we LOVE because he is so happy go lucky, positive, smart, and witty... Was in tears. The Friday before Mother's Day I saw a tweet that said his wife was getting released from the hospital and she was resting well. I wondered what that was about until I watched his sermon yesterday and he said his wife had either Stage 2 or Stage 3 breast cancer and that she was in surgery that day to remove as much as they could. Everyone is pretty devastated by the news. He was in her hospital room and he told her honey I am just not happy lately. She said Mark have you counted your blessings? He said his father whom was his best friend until his death used to count his blessings daily and write down a few things that he was blessed with. So Mark was doing the same thing but dealing with Jan's illness he hadn't been writing and he was pleaded to God where was his miracle of healing? God responded with your son who isn't supposed to be alive, your church, this example and that example. Mark knew he was selfish and continued to feel blessed by his miracles but also hurt so much for his wife. So he went back to writing his blessings. It was very hard for me to watch that sermon without tears because when he cries I cry. When he told us of his sons miracle a few months ago I cried like a baby. Every Easter he shares beautiful stories and I cry like a baby.
If you knew me in my old life (I call this my second life) you knew my life was very troublesome. My blogs were so emotional and often my life was filled with turmoil. Since coming to Alabama and starting my second life there has been a limit to the turmoil and I don't blog much anymore. When I do blog I don't get the response or comments I used to when my life was filled with turmoil. It was like people were there to watch me fail. I was very turned off that my "friends" had tuned out my happy life and were more entertained by the turmoil in my life. I have learned as Mark did that you can't dwell on the hard ships and you have to be in the glory of the blessings and see each day that a new blessing has occurred.
I know so many people that they complain constantly and I just want to ask them for every complaint what is their blessing. Instead of complaining that their husband doesn't help around the house... At least he supports the family financially. If the husband works long hours... At least he has a job. They have allergies... At least its not cancer. There is ALWAYS someone worse than you and I have experienced this through my many health issues and hospitalizations. Instead of complaining that my step son is ill and disabled I know I have been blessed that God felt I was worthy enough to raise him and his Autism could be worse... His illness COULD be worse. Someday's with him I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel because ONLY HE can see it if he believes but I still believe in him and hold his hand and blessed to know him.
Why should complaining get more attention than Positive experiences? I see it all the time on FB. Someone complains and they get tons of interaction. Someone says, "I feel so blessed..." and they get birds chirping. (Yes, I see the irony as I'm complaining about complaining). But let's turn that around! Tell me something you feel blessed with or something GOOD that has happened to you recently! Let's all share in each other's joy!