Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What I Learned from Celebrity Wife Swap.

Recently there was an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap with Kendra Wilkinson and Kate Gosselin. I thought it would be interesting so I DVR'd it. I've watched it now and I was surprised but not surprised at how OCD Kate Gosselin is I mean she is so OCD her eye lashes are straight or she will pluck one. Of course I would think if you had 8 children you need a certain amount of OCD and time management skills. Especially them being sextuplets. Kendra has one kid so I think she can afford to be more laid back... financially and with her time. Kate felt the need to judge how Kendra and Hank run their house. As a single mother of 8 kids your not going to get a lot of me time if you don't have help. Now she as in Kate made it to believe she NEVER gets to relax but I am sure her ex husband has visitation so what does she do with her time when he has the 8 kids? When you choose to have 8 kids husband or not you don't feel the same way about your me time as someone with one kid does IMO. I am certain that is not exception but the rule. So don't send me hate mail if you have one kid because your infertile or whatever. Nor am I saying the mothers with one or two kids don't sacrafice the same as a larger family. Hank takes care of Kendra he doesn't mind doing the majority of the chores that the Nanny doesn't do. He doesn't mind taking care of Lil' Hank while Kendra has a girls night out or goes to whatever it takes to keep her looking like Kendra LOL. Yes she is a Playboy Bunny, She has to work out, Tan, Get a hair cut... etc
There is nothing wrong with having me time as a mother either. Its neccessary. If Mama aint happy aint no body happy... right? I get my nails done while William is in school does that make me a bad mother? Right now what I am doing writing this blog wouldn't you consider that me time? Its 8:30 in the morning and my washer is running, my dish washer is running, my husband is at work, James is at work, Skylar is at school, and William is laying on me as I type this. He's being a bit of a cling today. My point is that no one has the right to judge another person's house hold as long as it is working for that couple. Rick does a lot of cleaning around here because he is OCD and that's fine with me. He's better at the cleaning but lousy at organizing. He doesn't understand certain toys go into certain buckets/bins/toy boxes. He just cares that they are all picked up. I am more nit picky about HOW its put away... I don't want to go through 5 bins to chase down lego's. I don't want to search a closet to find a white shirt... it should be there. So my kids closets are organized as well as their toys (most of the time). So if I want it organized I have to do it. I am also picky about how laundry is washed. My husband is a typical male who throws whites in with colors on high in the hot water.... Because its not clean if its not in hot water. WHen I married him his washer didn't even have a delicate cycle. Rick cooks a lot too because that is the habit we've fallen into. I make the menu and if I should cook (two days a week I usually do) he will find a way to make the menu not useful at all LOL. Hey but at the end of the month when money is tight we always have meals left over we didn't use because Rick changed the pre planned menu. This is the system that mostly works for us. We are really good at divide and conquer when it comes to taking care of the kids and dividing up household chores. Maybe it means more to Hank to have Kendra looking nice so he does the laundry to make sure that she has the time to go to the salon and get a tan. It depends on what is important to the couple or persons and how they decide how it should be done. It sounds like Kendra didn't ASSUME Hank was doing things for her. It didn't sound like or look like she was taking advantage of him either. Hank was happy to do it. I wouldn't assume Kendra is lazy either. As long as kids are happy, healthy and not neglected and the couple is happy that's all that matters right? Maybe Kate should learn something about how to communicate with her husband and Jon wouldn't be gone??? She really shouldn't be giving out advice when she's not very good with.

By the way side note I totally don't blame Kate for Jon's issues... they BOTH have issues which is why they are divorced.

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