Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Focus America

Not for the easily offended and may contain adult language. I am seeing more and more of America getting ADHD. Facebook is constantly changing something... "improving"... I think its "ADHD". Everything has to constantly evolve and change to keep us interested. So many people can't even talk on the phone because they can't give that one person enough respect and focus to hold down a five minute phone call. You can say my life is chaotic, hectic, crazy. I have several children.. but the real reason is you can't focus.
America is getting wishy washy... You constantly want to change your surroundings, your webpage, your hair color, your car that you drive, you job or you even channel surf.... Its because its ADHD.
If you want to do something set out and make plans of a project but don't get bored with it two days later and abandon it and everyone you roped in to join you on this project.
You ever wonder why your wall that you want painted never gets painted, the pictures never get hung
I am surprised medical professionals haven't started something called Marriage ADHD. People have affairs, can't focus on their spouse, want to get a divorce when the marriage becomes work because they can't calm down and focus and work for what they have to have.
It is becoming so irritating to me that when I am on the phone with someone they are having other conversations, answering the other link, having a conversation with someone else in the room, interrupt me more times that I can count and yet if I feel like I hang up I am being the rude one... What's wrong with this picture?
No I don't think there is an epidemic of ADD and ADHD in America like they said in the 90's where every kid in my school was probably on Ridalin. I think America is becoming unfocus'd. We aren't being taught to see things through. Its so easy to erase and start over again.
I know Rick was diagnosed with ADHD last year and I have never noticed it before he was diagnosed but they blame some of his symptoms on it like his restlessness and his short term memory loss. What's disturbing to me is when his medicine lapse' the symptoms are amplified. That tells me its the medicine or withdraw from the medicine not the diagnosis.
So think about how society is making us act ADHD and try to slow down and show each other a little respect and not bring other people down with our impatience, wishy washy, ADHD.