Saturday, March 31, 2012

We need help please

I have a few questions. Can anyone tell me details about how to start a fundraiser? Anyone have any suggestions on helping these close friends of mine *see story below* Are you a vendor a consultant or do you make something? Would you be willing to host a "party" and donate some or all of the profits toward a close friend of mine suffering from cancer? Does anyone want me to make graphics for them for a small fee so I can donate money to the cause? Please Help! Mr. Frank Thompson, a long time resident of Calhoun, Ga, has been diagnosed with GlioSarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer. He had a 4 cm tumor removed from his frontal lobe on 2-17-12. He had been out of work sice 2-13-12. We need help with gas money to get him back and forth to treament in Chattanooga where he has radiation five days a week and to pay for medications. Any donations would be appreciated. You can send them to PO Box 2035 calhoun ga 30703 untill we get a paypal account set up. We will send reciepts to anyone who needs them for tax purposes. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you (If you want to make it easy and send me donations via Paypal I can send them to the family)

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