Friday, March 30, 2012

love it!

This guest post from Mickey Garza I love working here. My colleagues are some of my favorite people and we hang out all the time, not just when we’re at work. I know some people think that’s dangerous because would I lose my whole social circle if I didn’t work here anymore? But you know, I choose not to worry about that because I do live here now and I’m happy enough with that! I love my boss, too, and sometimes he comes out with us after work which is nice. We spend time talking about things like business internet connection options but then we talk about the Cubs and my new boyfriend and all that stuff, too, so I really feel like she’s becoming part of my life. I think it’s incredible she puts so much time into working with us and making sure we’re happy and that’s all that you can ask from a really good boss. I never dreamed my first job out of college would be this good but I sure am thankful that it is!

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