Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Are you ready? Can you make him famous?

Years ago I saw the movie blood diamond and I vowed to not own another diamond. EVEN if there is paperwork saying its safe. Today on Facebook a video went viral about Joseph Koney and it was a reminder why I don't have a big beautiful diamond. I do desire one but as long as Joesph Koney's of the world are in power I am afraid I can't have a diamond, lab created Sapphires are fine for this finger.
The video I am going to post is about Joesph Koney. We need to push to make him famous... why would we want him famous? We need to draw attention to the cause just like we do Casey Anthony or Osama Bin Laden. We brought three war criminals to justice lets bring one more... but we have to make him famous by telling celebrities and millionaires to talk about him. By telling politicians you DON'T have my vote unless you do something. Just do something! For children's sake. I've done something in the past 5-6 years since Blood Diamond came out and not bought diamonds. Now its time to really take action.
Invisible Children

We fight hunger with Farm Aid, With fight AIDS with Live Aid.. Who's fighting for children soldiers of Africa?

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