Saturday, February 11, 2012

RIP Whitney Houston

I get that some people don't care about celebrities and they think its stupid that some of us get so attached. I was devastated with Michael Jackson died. I was sad when Heath Ledger died. What a loss IMO. I also understand people don't want to hear about it (you know there is a way to hide those feeds?) I understand people are upset because celebrities get more media attention than our lost heroes that die in battle... again I think its TRAGIC but is it really necessary trashing the dead? I grew up you don't speak ill of the dead. There is no reason for you to call her names. You can't stand in judgement yet. You aren't supposed to judge her or anyone for that matter. She's standing before God same as Josh Powell and they will get their judgement. Its annoying as F to me that people pretend to be MJ fans NOW but did they listen to his music 6 weeks before he died? Probably not. Now we are going to hear years of Whitney tributes of people who pretend to be her fan. Don't hate on Whitney Houston because she probably made poor choices we all have at one time. Her's cost her daughter a mother.

Its tacky... don't do it! Be classy and just respect others and ignore it and don't start drama.


Sadie said...

Nicely said! I most definately agree!

RaeBeth said...

Hello, stopping by to say Congrats on the blog awards. You can check them out here.