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This one is a late post because honestly I couldn't think of something. I am not afraid to fess up when I've been caught but I have been leading a pretty honest life in this second life of mine. So I thought I would do some story telling and say I've been caught at the end... that this was all an elaborate story... not the truth. Writers block must have hit me hard. I had a busy day yesterday starting at 9 am and I really didn't get home till after dinner for an extended period of time. Then my daughter wanted to cook a recipe out of her cook book and watch A Smile As Big As The Moon...So blogging didn't come priority yesterday.

I guess I will tell you that I wasn't as always as an honest teen. I did have a bad or mischievous crowd of friends from time to time. Some friends of mine did drugs... I did not. They snuck out I wouldn't dare...
Ah but I did try smoking and I did steal from Helene's purse (my guardian)...
so here are three childhood confessional stories from my (I really didn't think I was a HORRIBLE teen) teen life. 
Helene used to smoke so she was more sensitive to the smell I think. As an ex smoker I can say I am more sensitive to it now then I was then too. Helene's husband used to smoke but no one was allowed to smoke in the house. Even Helene's elderly father had to scoot over to the back door of his downstairs apartment to smoke. Chuck Helene's husband would go out the front door. I don't know why but for some reason I decided to smoke in my room. (I was such an idiot). I had a can by the window sill and I cracked it open enough to blow smoke out and put the cig out in the can. Well apparently I left the pack in my purse and went for a walk. She went into my room for whatever reason and found the pack of cigarettes I blamed it on my friend Stephanie saying they were hers. I had been caught... but she bought my story... I think.
I would be so paranoid outside smoking while walking around the neighborhood with friends because I knew my guardian knew a good bit of the neighbors anyone of them could have called her.

Another story is about a twenty dollar bill. Helene had have several misplaced twenty dollar bills that I wasn't responsible for. My "boyfriend" Nick needed cash for something probably cigarette's or pot.. So I stole twenty and gave it to him. Well he took it to the closest store and bought High Times Magazine with it. Helene had followed us and went into the store and had secretly marked the twenty and we had been caught... Now that I committed a misdemeanor she had committed a felony... so who caught who?

My Guardian had a son named Duane and Duane was married to Sherry. Sherry was rarely ever the big sister people would have thought she would have been to me. Duane was always like a father/brother. Sherry was always a pain in my a$$. I admit there was some jealousy because Helene (my guardian) would buy her gifts for Daughter of the Year (you have your own stinkin' daughter). She would always call her that where I was called hey this is the girl I have custody of... even if I had been in her life almost all of mine. I was never my daughter unless it was "good" for her. I always felt like a black sheep. I rarely felt like Sherry was nice to me. She always seemed against me which made me rebel. The time I came home WAY past curfew and Helene told Sherry to punish me. I think I would have looked at it differently if Sherry had her own kids at this time (now she has 4.) But Sherry was always the bad guy it drove me mad. Okay so the story goes we had sat down for dinner one night and I had secretly dyed my hair with one of those temporary dye's... I wanted auburn hair (I still want more auburn in my hair). Well at dinner one night Sherry had noticed my hair was slightly different... oops the dye was fading and turning a weird shade of purple. It was barely noticeable because Helene had not noticed until Sherry tattled on me. I had a job I earned my own money and bought hair dye. I got in so much trouble. Also near my job at Publix was a Blockbuster Video so I rented Dangerous Minds (you know Michelle Pfieffer is a bad ass teacher to bad ass kids in the hood) and Sherry tattled on me about that as well. I had to return it without even watching it. Yet Charlotte used to let me go into her room and watch scary movies! (She was the cool "sister")

So there ya have it... That's how I got caught and you go to see the confessions from my teen years.

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