Monday, January 23, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

I was awarded the Versatile Blogger award by Just Another Blogger Mom visit her blog here

I am supposed to list 7 things about myself...
  1. I am honest and blunt.
  2. I am kind & giving
  3. I am a Georgia girl
  4. I can be a good friend
  5. I am a Christian
  6. One of my hobbies is graphic design look here 
  7. I have two boys, 1 girl, 5 cats, 2 step kids, 2 sisters, and a husband
and I am supposed to choose to give the award to `15 Newly Discovered Blogs

and that's all the new blogs I got :) 


Life As Wife said...

Thanks so much! Looking forward to poking around your blog!

MzSami said...

Thanks Bella, Will get it up tomorrow:)

Autism Mom said...

thank you so much! i enjoy visiting your blog and really appreciate your thinking of me :D

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