Friday, January 20, 2012

I heart punk rawk baby

Sooooo have you ever heard of RockerByeBaby? I have just nominated her for the next Martha Stewart (Amber's a lot cooler if you ask me. Although Amber how's your cooking skills girl? I know your crafty but can you stand up in the kitchen too?) Tell me when you had a wee babe you didn't go into Spencers or Hot Topic and look at all the cute stuff you can buy for your baby or toddler? But you know what anyone can have that awesome stuff. But I bet you (and then all your friends after they see your kid) will be the only ones that carry the softest, cutest most adorable Baby stuff in the world for us Punk Rawk moms? Oooh she does bedding too (and for us envious moms she does Mom sizes for blankets!) Yes I have personally bought a blanket as a baby gift. I have to save it for my own :)

 Anyways so if you head over to RockerByeBaby on her Blog Here.... or at her ETSY store (like duh buy something)... or become a fan on Facebook to see her in her awesomeness here. She is hosting a giveaway for Small Threads that also makes CUTEEEE unique OOAK kids clothes and you can visit Small Threads Etsy shop here (like duh... buy something else) and her Facebook here and on the web here

 Small Threads Twitter 
Rockerbyebaby Twitter

Now here is the good part... Small Threads will make a custom short sleeve baby bodysuit or tot Tee Shirt for the winner of the Giveaway. I entered so can you so go to Rockerbyebaby to enter to win!


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