Thursday, January 19, 2012

Something at home/work that serves no purpose.

So Hunter Homes who is a builder in our area likes to design these "faux lofts" You can't go upstairs to reach them (you have to climb a ladder check out the bottom right hand corner of the 1st and 3rd picture. Its very wide but not very deep and 12 feet up in the air. My faux lofts (I have a big one and a small one) don't have electric but they are carpeted. (You want me to vacuum where?) So I think they are really kinda useless. What would you do with these areas?
Oh and did I mention the big one was above my front door? LOL

Oh yeah they are good for Christmas Tree's if you don't mind the extension cords?

So yeah seriously what is your decorating dream with my faux lofts? Should I do a special themed tree next year or the year after (since you've missed the big sale). 

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