Monday, January 30, 2012

Pray for Me Monday

Home Grown Families
I am not really good at pulling Bible Verses out of the air. There are a few verses I know well. Because I repeat them when I need them or share them when I want to bring calm or something to someone else. But I do know my faith by heart. Yesterday I shared the story about how my faith was tested. How I had to hang on to something. A couple of phrases come to mind... "When your down to nothing God is up to something" and "Everything comes to you in God's time." So knowing what I have been through with Mackenzie I was in a downward spiral and by giving my struggles to God I was blessed with my new "Second Life." I know God has reasons for Mackenzie not being here. Not everyone believes that we have free will, not everyone believes in Destiny or Fate, I am not sure what you call it but I couldn't say that my life after court would have been ideal for Mackenzie. Of course I am not sure his current situation is any more ideal. I know what my ex went through with his childhood. I was faced with challenges as Skylar became a little girl from a premature baby. Again I had to learn to give it to God. Of course as the world goes there are many more challenges in my life. Our family is working through some not so smooth roads and I pray that I can remember to keep giving my struggles to God. My patients, emotions, and stress levels have been all over the place lately I just have to pull it all together. Keep the faith and trusting in God.

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