Monday, January 16, 2012

Pray for Me Monday

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I loved Pam's Post about Anxiety and the story of Daniel. I need to share it with a friend that struggles with Anxiety. I have had to face a lot of fears in my life 5 years ago this weekend I faced one of the worst fears of my life. Luckily it also lead to a blessing. God Bless the Broken Road.
She said she is scared of storms. She asked if I was too. I told her I am not there are a lot worse things to be scared of. No reason in being scared of something you can't control. I admit since our April 27th Tornado I get nervous and I know no one is safe but I've lived through terrifying tornado's before. The day I moved to Calhoun, The day I moved to Dillon SC Hurricane Hugo hit. I lived in LA and I have been through Earthquakes. Mother Nature is a force of nature and she is unpredictable but there is no reason being scared of Lightning and Thunder. Plus if our kids sense we are scared of the little things I bet they will think they need to be scared of it too. 

The only thing I need prayer for is I am sick, Rick is sick, and William is sick and we have a wounded fur baby. We would take care of her but she is feral and we are really tight on money. So I am networking and trying to figure out a plan. *fingers crossed*

Also life up prayer and positive thoughts for peace and equality exactly what today is all about.

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nichole quigley said...

that is such a good idea!! I'll be sure to pray for you guys!!