Sunday, January 15, 2012

Praise Sunday ~ For those special moms

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Are you praising someone for doing a good deed? How about yourself. We rarely find something to praise ourselves for especially if we are mothers. So what is something unthankful job that you did this week? What are you most proud of that you did this week? What do you have to be happy about? Any Prayer Requests that you have?

I've been thinking about certain mothers. I was reading a blog about a very sick little boy who has a dermatological condition and  they don't have a good prognosis but like any good mother they don't give up hope. Another blog I've been reading Super Ty (look in my Stalk my Friends.) I learned about his mom from the Today show after she was featured blogging her son Ty's fight against cancer. Ty is in remission now. There is Kaeleb who was a victim of a baby sitters neglect and Shaken Baby Syndrome he survived unfortunately he passed away a few years later. I have followed these families stories. These mothers that have a massive amount of love for their children and I cannot imagine the amount of strength they possess to stay strong for their children even if they are given the worse news a parent can hear. That more than likely they will have to bury their child.
I've told the story here on my blog about the day Skylar was born at Gordon Hospital in Calhoun I heard a code blue over the intercom for the Labor and Delivery. I thought to myself how tragic. Later on I found out that my boyfriend at the time was working with the mother's step father. The baby was in the birth canal and suffered irreversible damage for being in the canal too long and lack of oxygen. The mother was 19 years old at the time of her daughter's birth. The ladies I worked with at Factory Brand Shoes years later knew her too and I got to talk to her. I told her how courageous she was. I said how do you do it? I said as a mom I thrive on "I Love You's", and hugs and kisses. She said I thrive on another new day with her another birthday means we've beat the odds. I think about the strength of that 19 year old mother and all the other babies that probably won't survive childhood. I praise the women who are so courageous for their children and families. 

I praise the military wives who deal with pregnancy, labor and the early stages of parent hood alone while their husband's are deployed. They are Super Moms!

I praise single mothers who have dead beat ex's or ex's that manipulate them (and the system), the ones who had to deal with the hands of abuse. That even though they have been faced with these odds and these challenges they do their best to make sure their children have everything they need. I was one of those mothers.

I praise the single mothers who's husbands never made it dinner, or breakfast... one day unexpectedly. They get the looks and stares and even the nasty remarks. As if it was their fault. There is no one to share the financial responsibility, the emotional responsibility, the laughter and the tears. There is no Daddy Daughter dates or balls. There is none of that yet they still manage to stay strong as much as possible... more than I can expect out of them. I was also one of those mothers.

If your a mother I praise you! I pray for you. I am thankful for you!
 Keep doing the best you can!

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