Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Potty Training with William


Since he turned two I have been inconsistently just introducing him to his potty chair(s) and underwear. Just getting him used to the idea. I've spent some time outside when we had warmer weather in his underwear so he knew what "wet felt like". He has a potty chair on both levels of the house as well as the kind that sits on the big toilet. We've been asking him to sit and go potty (with and without getting undressed). We've even played shooting for cheerios. Rick takes him into the men's bathroom and William got curious about standing to pee. So he would lift up his shirt and pat his belly but he wasn't sure what came after that LOL. Over the past 5 months he's only went in the potty twice. I call it "Pre-Training".

Today I was researching and reading articles and I read maybe put big boy underwear of his choice over his pull up so he's been doing that all day and I've been asking through out the day if he has to sit on the potty or does he want to go potty with mommy and he always says "No" so I will do the same thing probably tomorrow until I get a yes or some curiosity out of him.

I might have to stock up on cloth pull ups. I am too afraid of going to straight underwear.
Shock and Aww

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