Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our recent encounter with identity theft.

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I was checking our bank account online one night when I saw some mysterious charges and the fact that we were in over draft. Rick said he didn't know anything about the $500+ dollars in over draft. Funny with the bank we were using (Regions) they usually take money out of our savings to cover any overages and to take out there Overdraft Fee's but there was still money in it. So we reported the suspicious activity to the company about a Thursday/Friday night. Regions told us we would have to wait for it to clear and go directly to the companies to see if they would issue "refunds". I had dealt with this before when Subway charged us $15 when we hadn't been there and it came from a card that was literally bent in half. I was pissed that Regions didn't stand by my on my behalf. Finally a day after they said that it could take a week to clear then at that point they would file a fraud on it. Monday came and went and some of them had disappeared or cleared so we started the fraud investigation. Regions said it could be 30 days before we would see our money. Thankfully we had two other savings accounts, plus cash on hand... we actually had to resort to using credit cards to get us through Christmas. I was getting so irritated by the lack of help from Regions that I called the police and filed a police report. They weren't happy that Regions wasn't being helpful. They were helpful to me though. We still have no idea where the source of the theft was... a restaurant, a gas pump, an online purchase..we traced the IP to Israel... but that's as far as the investigators got. Hopefully the theft will be caught eventually. We still worried about what other information out there is vulnerable. Have you ever used identity protection like Identity Theft Protection?

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