Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Favorite Toy

My favorite toy (retro and current) is my Cabbage Patch Kid. Cabbage Patches have stood the test of time like Barbies. There is one in particular though. My Cabbage Patch I got when I was 3 years old from my Papa Bear (my grandfather) and my Mom. I still have him almost 30 years this Christmas and he is a very cherished possession. My grandmother on my father's side collected dolls and my first husband and I used to collect retro toys and Star Wars figures until he sold the entire collection (that's right for my geeky friends from the late 70's action figures until Episode 1 figures) for some lousy Transformers.
The picture above is a picture I just took of the hutch of my desk. So many better things I could probably do with my hutch LOL. My Cabbage Patch (his name is Ernie Karol) and he is wearing one of Mackenzie's first outfits... anyways I have stuffed animals that are given to m Rick, Skylar, Mackenzie or I up there and some other things like Snow Globes, Plaques, Barbies (Skylar's Snow White, My Star Wars doll, and My Bewitched Barbie lol), and some dolphins figurines. I have tried to collect a bear from every duty station I visit that can be a challenge. I want a bear or hat pin.

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